Owasso Cub Scout Pack 897

Hodson & Mills Elementary


                              Fall/Spring Campout Scout Gear List

                                                         Campout Basics

1.       No pets allowed on campout.  Service dogs are permitted.  

2.       Use of tobacco and alcohol of any form in the campsite is not permitted.  Tobacco use is in a designated area specified by the Cubmaster and/or the Campout coordinator.

3.       Use of profanity is not permitted.

4.       No firearms permitted except those provided by cub scouting.

5.       Family campout means FAMILY ONLY. 

6.       No use of camera devices (cell phone, IPod touch or any other “I” device)  in bathrooms.  Phones or devices will be confiscated immediately and returned to user by BSA at a later date. 

7.       No RV’s permitted on campouts.  Certain camps won’t even let the RV in the gate. 

8.       Heaters for tents must comply with BSA rules.

9.       No fireworks of any kind allowed in campsite.

10.     Motor vehicles should be parked in designated areas.  Failure to follow this rule could result in towing of vehicle. 

11.     Boys with whittling chips may carry/use pocket knives following guidelines but you must have whittling chip with you. 

OK, so that’s a few rules, but the most important rule is YOU MUST HAVE FUN!!!!!

Camp Gear checklist for Spring/Fall Campout

Clothes for each Scout:                                            Toiletries:

__Hiking boots or good tennis shoes                           __Soap

__Extra shoes (if needed)                                          __Washcloth

__Class B T-Shirt                                                       __Hand Towel

__Class A Uniform                                                     __Toothbrush

__Underwear X 2 (Sunday and Emergency)                   __Toothpaste 

__Socks X 2 (Sunday and Emergency)                          __Comb 

__Jacket or warm sweatshirt                                     __Small bar of soap

__Scout hat                                                            __Ziploc bag to hold wet washrag and soap

__Extra pair of jeans or pants                                    __Toilet Paper in Ziploc bag

__1 extra T-Shirt for Sunday                                      __Medications

__Sleep Clothes                                                       __Hand Sanitizer (if needed) 

__Gloves / Warm hat

__Poncho / Rain coat                                               Family Gear:

__Light Jacket                                                         __Ice Chest

Basics:                                                                    __Paper Towels

__Bug Spray                                                            __Sack Lunch for Saturday

__Sunscreen                                                            __Food (assigned by den)

__Flashlight or Lantern                                             __Snacks (if needed)

__Canteen/Water Bottle                                           __Camp Stove (if needed by den) 

__Personal First Aid Kit                                             __Cooking Equipment (if needed by den)

Camping Equipment:                                                __Fire Wood/Charcoal (if needed by den)  

__Plastic Ground Cloth                                             Extras: 

__Tent, Poles, Stakes                                               __Camera  

__Air Mattress or Foam Pad                                       __Sunglasses 

__Sleeping Bag or Blanket                                         __Cards or Tent Game – NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES 

__Pillow                                                                 __Back Pack

__Eating Utensils                                                     __Fishing Pole and Tackle

__Drinking Cup

__Trash Bags

__Folding Chair



__Health Form (required for all participants, even if not camping overnight)


Camp Sites and Directions: 

Cub World Map 

Directions to Cub World (Zink Ranch) 

Cub World Signup Sheet 

Greenleaf State Park Map 

Directions to Greenleaf 

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